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The relationship between a landlord and their tenants should be as positive as possible. It doesn’t need to go beyond professionalism, but there should be mutual respect. Here are what is expected of a landlord and how they can be as good to their tenants as possible.

Follow codes

A building must be in acceptable condition, as determined by local and state ordinances, in order for tenants to safely inhabit it. Building inspections will determine what needs to be brought up to speed. If a building is not properly maintained, it could be condemned and lead to legal problems for the landlord.

Have a clear lease

A lease is a contract between a landlord and their tenants. It’s a legal agreement that needs to be as specific as possible so that everyone is on the same page. It’s the tenant’s responsibility to read the lease, but it’s also the landlord’s responsibility to create a lease that cannot be misinterpreted. Real estate lawyers can provide assistance for drafting fair leases as well as interpreting potentially unfair contracts.

Inform them of changes in rent cost

When a tenant chooses to renew their lease, the landlord has the option of choosing to raise the rent. A landlord may raise rent for reasons aside from their own greed — cost of living, maintenance costs, tax hikes, changes to the neighborhood, etc. Increased rent should not be something that catches the tenant by surprise. Instead, they should be notified at least 30 days in advance. This should give them enough time to determine whether or not they want to renew the lease.

Make a livable home environment

A landlord doesn’t have to do much to make a tenant comfortable, but they do need to ensure that the apartment or home they’re letting has all the necessary amenities: water, heat, and electric. If anything goes wrong with these, a tenant needs to inform the landlord as soon as possible, and the landlord is responsible to get them remedied as soon as possible.

Make repairs in a timely fashion

Things tend to go wrong at the worst times when you own a home. There might be problems with appliances or plumbing that need to be addressed. As landlord, this gets compounded with each additional rental property under their care. They can fix the problems themselves or contact qualified professionals — it doesn’t matter as long as the problem is solved quickly and appropriately. Landlords also are responsible to their tenants for communicating when these repairs will be performed.

For a positive landlord-tenant relationship, both parties need to live up to their end of the bargain. The tenant should be respectful of the lease contract, landlord, and the building. The landlord should be respectful of their tenant and their requests. By following these tips, it can be a very smooth relationship.