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Failing a sobriety test in any state has a list of repercussions that can place a hindrance in your life. One of the problems that you may have if you get a DUI is an issue with your insurance company. Here’s some information about how a DUI can affect your auto insurance and what you can do if you fail a sobriety test and get a DUI.

Insurance and Points

One of the first things that will happen to you if you fail a sobriety test and get a DUI is that you will be issued points to your license. Some people refer to them as demerit points that can stay on your license for several years. Points are one of the factors that insurance companies use when they consider whether they will cover or continue to cover a driver. A DUI charge can easily get you six or more violation points. Some states issue eight points or more for a DUI. It will be difficult for you to maintain coverage with that many points, and the insurance company may drop you altogether. The other effect that it may have on you is an increase in your insurance premiums.

Insurance Premium Increase

Your insurance premium may be massively higher if you get a DUI charge. It may be hundreds of dollars more per year than what you were previously paying, and it may stay like that for a very long time. Your DUI offense will end up following you for at least three years, but probably longer; it all depends on the laws of where you live. There are some things that you can do to try to make it better for yourself, though.

Possible SR-22

An SR-22 form is a form that the state may require you to carry along with your insurance if you have been convicted of a DUI. Typically, it’s for high-risk insurance. You may be required to carry it for up to five years after your DUI offense is over with.

How to Get Affordable Insurance With a DUI

It is possible for you to get affordable insurance even after you get a DUI. What you have to do is make sure that you spend a significant amount of time comparing rates. Don’t jump into a severely high policy if you don’t have to. Use comparison sites and ask for quotes. Some insurance companies intentionally take customers who have DUI charges, and they give them a second chance and offer them reasonable rates.

The best way to restore your situation back to normal and get good rates again for your insurance is to be an excellent driver. You may also be able to lower the cost of your insurance because of the vehicle you own. Consider buying a vehicle that is practical, economical and has a heap of security features. Maybe some of the discounts that you can get for the security features can affect the big expense you have for having a DUI.

Seek Expungement

Here’s some good news: depending on the law in the state where you live, you can get your DUI record expunged with an Expungement Petition, which is often categorized as a kind of “post-conviction relief”.  Summit Defense explains it this way: The main factor a court considers in granting an expungement is whether there were any further arrests or law violations during the probationary period. If the answer is no and all fines and fees have been paid, courts must grant the expungement. If there was a law violation during the probationary period, the court has discretion to deny the expungement. Similarly, if a person has never been on probation for a DUI offense, they may have their record expunged one year after the conviction if no new law violations have occurred.

Now, expungement does not mean your DUI record is completely erased from your record forever. It doesn’t clear from a background check, and you may still be prohibited from certain state licenses, and any additional DUI’s are still priorable. But it does mean that you don’t have to disclose your conviction on job applications or to family and friends.  

Life will get better for you after your DUI. You just have to be patient and proactive in doing everything that you can to better the situation for yourself.