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When piling up the miles on a road trip, keeping alert is key to a safe journey. We often want to push ourselves to drive through fatigue with the promise of getting somewhere sooner. Yet, fatigue can set in quickly — often within an hour, and driving drowsy is dangerous. Even when you’re not the person behind the wheel, there are ways to help keep the driver attentive.

Carrying Conversation

While it might be tempting to zone out on your phone as a passenger, conversing with your driver is an easy and effective way to help keep them alert and avoid an accident. An easygoing chat about mutual interests will keep your driver’s mind nimble. Likewise, playing games, such as pointing out unusual license plates, will also make the time pass quicker. If nothing else, you can serve as a check on fatigue by alerting the driver if they seem to be exhibiting signs of sleepiness.

Keep Healthy Snacks Coming

Driving long distances is mentally fatiguing. As anyone who has taken a big exam knows, you cannot concentrate well when you’re hungry. An array of healthy snacks, such as nuts, fruit or brown bread, provides fuel for the brain. On long trips, steady snacking can keep the exhaustion at bay and may also make the driver less likely to indulge in fast food in place of a proper meal.

Rent CDs or Make a Playlist

Music is another way to stimulate driver awareness. Upbeat music can keep a driver attuned to possible dangers. Such hazards may not even be that unusual. There are a number of reasons why four-way intersections are dangerous. Especially in unfamiliar towns, these stops require quick thinking in order to avoid a collision. If it does not distract, music can keep a driver’s wits sharp.

Maintain a Steady Temperature

Try to keep the interior temperature cool if possible. If the vehicle is too warm, the driver will eventually feel sleepy. A cool-yet-comfortable temperature keeps the driver attentive. If it is not too cold outside, roll down the windows and let fresh air circulate every hour or so. Doing so will ensure that everyone stays alert.

Driver fatigue is dangerous. It creeps up without the driver realizing it. All it takes is a moment’s inattentiveness to the road for an accident to occur. Combating driver fatigue is not only necessary, but it can also be fun.