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Being sick means you have to mourn not only your compromised immune system and canceled plans, but also how it might affect you financially. If you have a temporary bug, you can stay afloat through sick days and not needing to go to the doctor. It’s the long-term illnesses that can really pose a threat. This is how to handle being sick without hurting yourself financially.

Resources Available

You can find solace in various resources when you’re facing the possibility of a hefty medical bill. Health insurance can reduce the personal burden incredibly. If your work doesn’t provide insurance and you can’t afford it from a private network, you can look into Medicaid, which offers coverage for low-income individuals or those with special circumstances. Taking on this kind of assistance can keep you feeling clear-minded and help you deal with stress and avoid having to take on another job while you’re trying to fight illness.

Take Care of Debts

Medical debt can feel like a consistent weight on your mind. If you go into debt, it can have a very negative impact on your credit rating. There are many ways you can have medical collections removed from your credit report. You can call out debt collectors for violating HIPAA policy by showing they know your health policy. To help mend fences, they can remove the debt from your record. Your debts can also be dealt with by signing up for a payment plan that lets you pay off your bill like you would a credit card statement or a mortgage. Steady payments can help to keep your credit score in good check.


Your insurance company might not advertise this tip, but if you’re really struggling to pay your medical debt and need a lifeline, talk to them about getting it reduced to something more doable. You should explain your situation and how it’s been difficult to pay your bill off. Have your best phone voice ready and keep any notes that would be important to your case close by. Pleading your case down to zero might not be in your future, but your willpower can turn a financial emergency into a much milder setback.

Your health is more important than your finances, but a bad financial state can put your health in an even more calamitous state. Keep your thoughts redirected from dread about money and concentrate on how you’ll be able to reach a state of health. Illnesses must be confronted decisively and immediately.

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