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Most motorcycle rides go off without a hitch, and are exhilarating ways to explore the open road, sample new places, and come into contact with all sorts of intriguing people. Occasionally, though, the weather, motorcycle riders’ skills, and/or unexpected on-road occurrences result in devastating (and sometimes comical) accidents. In these instances, it’s the job of first responders—police officers, paramedics, and others—to assess the damage and act without hesitation. Their skills and sound judgment have saved many lives, and have allowed many unlucky motorcycle riders to tell others of their unintentionally hilarious accidents for years to come.

Many feel compelled to experience the thrill of riding a motorcycle, and I’m one of them! Maybe it’s the sense of independence and the stoic bliss of isolation. Or maybe it’s what John Page says, that the trill comes because of the speed and maneuverability of these beautiful machines. Either way, some of these riders get quite a bit more than they bargained for when they drive with their heads up their carburetors. In honor of these individuals and the medical and law-enforcement professionals who rush to their aid, let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious motorcycle mishaps of all-time!


An Off Day Leads to Multiple Collisions

Everyone has an occasional “off day,” but most of the time, this type of day doesn’t result in multiple on-road collisions. With that said, this inattentive rider and a few unlucky drivers suffered from the former’s really, really off day.

From atop a small motorcycle, the accident-causing rider crashes into a van at the video’s start, as he crosses a street populated by oncoming traffic. The van’s driver stops, gets out, and assesses the damage. He’s angry, but his vehicle’s condition hasn’t been badly harmed by the motorcycle, so he cuts the at-fault individual a break and drives away.

And then, not more than a few seconds later, this same motorcycle rider hops back on, throttles forward, and crashes into another vehicle. As if this wasn’t enough, he then proceeds to nearly hit a fellow motorcycle rider, smash into an RV, and once he’s helped back onto his bike, driver down a massive construction pit.

Just watch the video.


Wheelie Fun Ends in Rider Flying Off His Bike

The wheelie is a trick that looks easy, but in reality, is actually rather difficult to successfully complete. Case and point: this video, wherein one wheelie-eager rider tries to keep up with his friend and hilariously fails. Instead of pulling the trick off, he is halted by a metal pole and flung from the motorcycle—to the amusement of his friends.

Thankfully, the rider—and, for the most part, the motorcycle—were unharmed.


Motorcycle Loses Rider, Keeps Right on Going

Every motorcycle needs a rider to control it…right? The easy answer is “yes,” but when this video’s professional rider is ejected from his motorcycle, the bike continues to drive in an upward position for quite a few additional feet. Thankfully, it just misses a surprised cameraman, who undoubtedly captured some high-quality action shots!


These motorcycle accidents are funny, and most importantly of all, they didn’t result in untreated injuries or serious medical setbacks. Once again, this is largely due to today’s top-quality first responders. Either way, this is why everybody needs motorcycle insurance.