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There are thousands of occupational injuries and illnesses reported every year in the United States. Employers can suffer huge losses when providing protection and treatment to their workers, especially those who do not have a worker’s compensation program or proper accident or safety insurance. Occupational injuries and illnesses can impact the morale and productivity of the employees. As an employer, you have an obligation to make sure that your workers and customers are safe and healthy under your premises. You should also protect your workers from external threats or attacks. The safety of your workers should be your top priority to enhance efficiency in production and service delivery. You should take the necessary steps to minimize workplace illnesses and injuries. Not only that, but you should prepare for what happens if an accident does happen. Hoping something bad doesn’t happen isn’t an effective coverage plan. These decision to take care of and protect your workers will not only boost the performance of your staff members but will also cut down significantly on the financial impact.

Some of the common employee safety issues include respiratory problems, falls, cuts, electrocution, and injuries caused by falling objects. As an employer, it is possible to reinforce employee safety and minimize these problems without making it feel like a burden to your company. Here are the best practices that you need to put in place to enhance the safety of your employees:

Give Your Employees Safety Tools

You cannot expect your workers to take the necessary precautions if you do not provide or require the right safety tools and equipment. It is your responsibility to provide high-quality safety equipment to your workers to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace. The safety tools vary depending on what your company produces. Safety glasses, helmets, gloves, and boots are some of the common safety equipment or garments that your staff members need. The supervisor should ensure that every worker is in the right gear or garments before starting his or her daily duties, which will encourage safety compliance.

Resource: PPE Product Information–ASA Safety Supplies

Provide Employee Safety Training

One of the best methods to minimize workplace illnesses and injuries is by introducing employee safety training programs in the workplace. No matter how experienced, efficient or skilled your staff members are, they need adequate training to educate them on how to run different machines, handle chemicals and perform other tasks. Recruits should go through a thorough training program before assuming new duties at your company. Proper training will empower your employees and instill confidence in them. Therefore, they will be able to handle their responsibilities confidently, which will boost profitability and productivity.

Resource: WHS Management Systems–Occupational Safety Solutions

Hire Competent Workers

You should hire talented and responsible people to work for your organization. The hiring process should not be done quickly, even if you want to boost your production. You need to get experienced recruiters to help you get the best talents to take your business to the next level. Hiring the right people will also improve security in the workplace. It is advisable to consult the previous employers of the people you are planning to bring on board. This will help you to know the type of people you are recruiting.

Reward Good Safety Habits

Apart from rewarding hardworking employees, you should also consider those who play a significant role in boosting safety in the workplace. You should reward the disciplined employees who follow safety guidelines and policies set by the management of the organization. Additionally, you should celebrate workers who have identified potential threats or risks. Celebrating safety successes in the workplace will encourage responsibility and workplace safety, which will minimize occupational injuries and illnesses.

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Inspect Your Machines Regularly for Maintenance

Machine malfunctions are some of the leading causes of workplace injuries. Machines are likely to break down or fail to function appropriately after using them for a long time. You should not allow your workers to use inefficient machines in the workplace. As an employer, once your devices fail to function effectively, you should hire an expert to clean, repair and maintain them, which will minimize injuries.

Resource: How to Properly Maintain Your Equipment

Comply with OSHA Guidelines

As an employer, you should comply with the rules and regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Failure to comply with OSHA guidelines will not only put your employees at risks but will also cost your business a lot of money. It has safety guidelines in place for emergency exits, first aid, protective gear, and sanitation. Once you comply with these guidelines, workplace injuries and illnesses will reduce.

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It is advisable to hire an insurance consultant to assist in all insurance related areas due to how complex and difficult the industry can be. They can advise you on the areas you need to rectify to protect your properties and employees. Although the elimination of workplace safety obstacles may seem expensive, identifying and eliminating them will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. If you observe the above tips, your employees will handle their tasks safely, which will minimize injuries and boost productivity.