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You probably do many of these activities on a daily basis, and you probably don’t even think about it. But, unfortunately, many of them are dangerous. Some of the activities are quite mundane, and you might have already known about the dangers that they pose. Others, you might not be as aware are dangerous. Everybody loves a good list, and here are five hazardous things that you do on a regular basis that are somewhat dangerous.

Standing Too Close to the Subway Tunnel

You might even do this one on a daily basis because you are trying to get to work as fast as possible and are being impatient, but standing too close to the tracks could cause you to fall in. And don’t forget about that gust of wind. You could lose your balance and fall against the oncoming subway train.


Cars are a part of our daily lives, so they seem normal and safe. But if you give them a second look, you can start to see how dangerous they really are. As Greenstein & Milbauer puts it, “moving at high speed in a complex and imperfect machine while surrounded by multi-ton vehicles in narrow, curving lanes isn’t exactly a stroll through the park.” You probably can’t give up driving your car, but it’s still pretty amazing the number of risks that people take when driving 65 mph down the freeway, as well as how blase they are about it. You can avoid some of the danger by avoiding bad habits as you drive.

Texting While Crossing the Street

We’re starting to learn that you shouldn’t text while you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, but we still do it all the time when we are crossing the road. It is such a serious widespread problem that Hawaii has made the act illegal. If you’re not paying attention, that could mean disaster, especially if someone who is driving a car is texting as well.

Leaving Space Heaters on While Sleeping

Yes, it can get cold in the basement bedroom, but unattended space heaters cause fires in homes every year. You should do everything you can to practice space heater safety when you are away, but if you are sleeping, you are unlikely to wake up in time to put it out.

Leaving the Engine Running While Fueling Up

People often ignore the sign that says not to smoke near the fuel pump and to make sure that the engine is turned off. But, for some reason, people don’t always take heed of these warnings. If a spark from a cigarette or engine were to hit the gas inside the pump or even just a spill, you would have a fire. If it were inside the pump, then the pump would also blow up. Be careful when fueling up so that you and others can stay safe.

We do so many things every day that are relatively dangerous. If you weren’t aware before, then take heed before you become another statistic. It only takes a little bit of care to keep yourself safe, and it is worthwhile to be aware of the dangers.