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Although it can be difficult and stressful when you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, it can be even more challenging to deal with your insurance claim after the collision occurs. Many insurance companies are hesitant to pay for damages, or they make it a complicated process once contacted. If you want to make it an easier process and receive the funds that you deserve, there are a few tips to follow for achieving an optimal outcome with your insurance company.

Get Proper Documentation

Proper documentation is vital to supporting your insurance claim. When speaking with your insurance agent, it is beneficial if you have photos or a police report on hand for reference. Make it a point to collect as much proof as possible before leaving the scene after the accident occurs.

Write a Letter

Attorneys say that it shouldn’t surprise you if your initial claim is denied. Yes, the claim may be denied at first, but is also may be approved. However, if it is denied, your next step is to write a letter, making a formal appeal that requests that the insurance company reconsider your claim. Present the facts and be specific to inform the adjuster of the various reasons that the insurance coverage is necessary. You can even provide receipts for medical appointments or expedite your appeal if your physician thinks that your claim may be life-threatening.

Get Legal Help

Sometimes, your claim may have to escalate if the process takes longer than expected. This isn’t always the case, but you may need to hire legal representation to help move the process along. A lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company and can advise you on the next steps to take to increase your chances of seeing a payout. If the idea of paying legal fees makes you balk, look for lawyers who don’t require payment up front and will only take their fees as part of the payout you get if you win your case.

Avoid Signing Anything

It can be easy to want to resolve the issue and move on after dealing with your insurance company, but it’s important to avoid signing anything until you understand the terms. You can also have an attorney review the documents to ensure that they explain the documents and can advise you to sign it or wait until you negotiate the offer. Signing anything that you don’t clearly understand can affect the situation and may mean that you’re responsible for covering the bill.

Insurance companies are there to help in times of need. Sure, some have a reputation for being challenging to work with. However, by having the correct documentation, being upfront about your situation and following the tips provided you can increase your chances of a good outcome. Get a quote today from Lazor Insurance to see how we can help you save!