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Insurance might seem like an annoying expense forced upon you by state requirements, but it’s an important investment. Auto insurance protects your assets through liability and uninsured motorist coverage. Of course, no one is saying that you should pay too much for its financial benefits. Looking for a deal makes sense, and so does avoiding things that drive up insurance. Your behavior and choices affect how much you pay for coverage.

Clean Driving Record

Be careful on the road. Don’t do anything that would mar your driving record, such as driving while intoxicated or cruising through stop signs. Points and incidents stay on your driving record for years, and auto insurers notice them when they’re underwriting policies. People with clean driving records won’t be stuck paying high premiums.

A clean driving record could qualify you for an insurance discount with participating providers. When you’re searching for an insurance quote, look for companies that offer a clean driving discount and make sure you receive it. Requesting a series of quotes from many auto insurers could lead to getting this discount and other ones, too.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets deserve another mention because you do have the option to fight them. Insurance companies will likely notice a conviction of a traffic violation and increase the cost of your insurance as a result. Dangerous driving worries insurers. If the ticket is tossed, then it won’t hurt your insurance rates. Depending on the situation, fighting a ticket opens the door to ask a judge for the opportunity to go to traffic school. State rules vary, but completing traffic school could lead to the ticket being removed from your record. Many times, the issuing officer doesn’t show up in court, resulting in a dismissal of the citation.

The Make and Model of Vehicle

One model may automatically come with higher insurance costs than another. A sports car that’s known for hitting high speeds won’t likely receive the same premiums as a family minivan. People who drive their families around tend to be careful on the road. Sports car drivers may be inclined to hit higher speeds. Luxury cars look fantastic and are fun to drive, which is why thieves target them more. The bottom line is that any would-be car buyer concerned about prices associated with a new or used car should think about the insurance expenses associated with particular models.

Auto insurance is an important expense that you need in order for you to account for unexpected accidents, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t come cheap to those with poor driving records or other red flags. Be a careful driver and a smart buyer, and you could end up reducing your expenses.